What We Do

The crux of the work we do revolves around drones. We use drones to shoot pictures and videos from up in the sky and different positions. The specifics of a job will depend on what the client requests. Whether the videos are for a personal, commercial, artistic or business purpose, we are happy to work with our clients to get the right shots so they are happy with the final video before they release it or provide it for their clients. If you are curious about some of the work we have done in the past, we have sample pictures and videos in the gallery section of our site.

When a client requests these types of scenes that are shot with drones, we will talk with them in detail about what they are seeking. In some cases, we may show computer models and samples of how the scenes are going to look, because we want our customers to get exactly what they want. And when a final agreement is reached about how the scene is going to look and flow, we will do the work in getting the scene shot. We attach high quality HD or 4K cameras to our drones, and then we complete the recording or picture taking process.

Everything is done in a really professional manner, which is why we already have so many high profile clients who have requested our services over the past few months. If you would like to book us for a one-time job, we are happy to oblige. But we also have clients who work with us on a revolving basis. Whenever they have a project that requires some drone-shot footage, or they need some pictures taken from drones of various locations, they will turn to us for assistance. And we are happy to help.

In terms of how the process goes, we encourage you to start by contacting us over the phone or via email and giving us a description of what you are seeking. Then one of our creative experts will sit down with you and flesh out the ideas for your project. Only when these ideas are fully accepted by both parties are we going to proceed with shooting the footage. We take a lot of time to prepare for our projects because we want our clients to feel one hundred percent satisfied and pleased with the final project – whether it is a short video or a set of pictures.