How To Properly Use Drones for Video Production

With any new technology, there is a tendency to use it as much as possible. When we are talking about drones and video production, we have to be very careful with how these things are being used for specific video content. Whether it is a movie, television show, news reel, business video or an advertisement, drones have a big role to play in how scenes are shot moving forward. However, we need to talk about the tendency for people to overuse a piece of technology, particularly when it relates to film making. Here are some tips on how to properly use drones for video production.

1. Avoid Gimmicks

If someone watches a clip of your video, or the entire video, and they get the immediate impression that a drone was used to shoot certain scenes, you are not doing things right. No scene should be shot with the intent of showcasing a particular style of filming. The only reason you would need to use drones as part of your video production is when you need a certain type of scene, and the drone is the only way to get it done. It is a careful balancing act, but it is a very vital one if you want the video to remain high quality.

2. Stabilization

If you use a regular camera and you attach it to a drone, you are going to get some decent video clips, but they will look very choppy. They will look like the clips that are shot from handheld cameras, where everything is moving and the viewer may even get motion sickness if they keep watching the clip for too long. You do not want that. What you need to do is ensure that the stabilizer is present when you are using a drone and camera with each other. There are different types of stabilizers, such as the handheld Steadicam rigs, and they can do a wonderful job with drones. The scenes that are shot when these stabilizers are present are going to look silky smooth and really high quality. It will look as though they were taken out of a massive Hollywood movie, not a small-scale production.

3. Choose the Right Company

Unless you are really tempted to get a drone and do the video work yourself, we suggest going with a video production company that has experience with shooting scenes with the aid of drones. If you are trusting a company that has never done this before, you are taking a real chance on whether they are going to get you the final result that you want. In contrast, if a company has shot many of these videos in the past, they should not have too many issues when it comes to getting you the content that you want. The video will look great, and you will be very pleased with the drone-specific scenes. So make sure you take your time, look at the past work the company has done, and make sure they are the right ones to help you with your drone-related video scenes or pictures.