Drones and Business Videos

There is always a tendency for businesses to want their videos to get better and better each year. It is understandable, because when you are releasing ads to the public, or promotional content to your clients, you want it to look impressive each year. Thankfully, there is always new technology that can help to make these videos look more impressive. And one of the technological advancements in video technology involves drones. We can take a look at some of the ways that drones can help with business videos, no matter what the industry.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

    1. Group ShotsIf you want to get a large shot of your entire company’s workforce, or a particular team, or a group of people who are participating in an ad, using a drone to shoot the footage makes everything better. It is a lot better to have a drone that starts at a lower position, and then zooms out on the entire group from up above, as opposed to getting someone with a video camera to go to a really high roof and shoot the footage. It is also simpler to use the drone, and it presents so many more options.
    2. Neighborhood ShotsIt is not uncommon for videos, whether they are for entertainment or business purposes, to involve shots that span a great distance. And in the past, getting these types of scenes meant getting someone with a camera up on a helicopter or another contraption and having them shoot the footage. And that is an expensive process, not to mention time consuming. It is why so many of the neighborhood scenes you see in ads and TV shows are taken from footage that was completed in the past, and they are inserted into the rest of the video. But now with the advent of drone footage, it is possible to shoot these neighborhood scenes completely fresh, without any problems. Not only are you going to get some wonderful shots, but you can customize them depending on what you want to convey with your business video.
    3. RevealsThere is a tendency among filmmakers to have reveals of particular locations and scenes, where you are zooming in or zooming out and trying to convey some type of message to the viewer. In the past, these scenes involved a lot of work to get right. And in some of the cases, editing was used to get the zoom just right. But now with drones, it is simply a matter of starting the drone in one position, and moving it backward or forward as the recording is being done. The result is a completely customizable and high quality bit of video.
    4. Stabilization
      When videos were first taken off drones, they were a little bit haphazard and had that “handheld camera” feeling to them. But with the stabilizers that are now used on cameras that get attached to drones, the footage is silky smooth and looks as good as the scenes you would see in a big-scale movie.